Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yesterday being stuck at my group home, with no place to go and nothing to do...because of the ice storm staff could not relieve me... I got my client all warm and toasty.. and content taking a nap and I set off to work...
I am an avid blogger and blog hopper...probably more blog hopper than blogger... but I always love to look at all the creative backgrounds on the blogs... the really cute once usually come from one certain website... Well I started thinking what if I used Aimee Asher clip art... I could have the cutest blog on the block!!
So I sat here and did my research... the html code I needed and the size of the images and such... I created sized or recolored and re posted until I got it just right!! And I did it!!

I love the new look of my creative blog... what do you think?

Meg in MO

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Christmas Cards

Created by ME....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


As of TODAY I am a member of the Aimee Asher Design Team... What does that mean... it means I get FREE clipart to play with and make fun stuff with...!!

This does NOT mean that I have quit creating my own clipart... right now my life is so so so so busy that I don;t have the time... but I do want to continue to be creative with my paper creations... this way I get my cake and eat it too!!


Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting a JUMP on Christmas...

I am giving away my first BLOG candy... I created this digital art and I am sharing it with you... One of these days I will have the complete set completed called "Stitched with Love _ Christmas. If you like it you can see more of my digital artwork at PCcrafter. To download the above graphic.... click here!!


Meg in MO

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My New Toy

I am so excited!! Today I went on a little adventure to a second hand store... and on the way there I took a wrong turn had to circle the block and when I did I found a new pawn shop. When we were done at the second hand store we went to the pawn shop... I love to look around at stores... as long as we make it to Wal-Mart so she can look at the DVDs that is... And there sitting on the shelf was a Classic Kitchen Aide Mixer... looking BRAND NEW and under $50... I grabbed that puppy and took it up to the counter and asked the clerk to plug it in so I could have a test drive... Oh how she purred like a kitten, from the lowest speed to the fastest!! I pulled out my debit card and bought my new toy... She did not come with 2 of the mixing attachments... but I knew that I had some from my old kitchen aide that has been dead for a number of years and sitting in storage...Some would not call this a toy... but to me it is!! I get to go out to MY kitchen... which I am still so GRATEFUL to have and create a culinary yummy!! My fist run with my new toy was the Abreu Family favorite cookie... the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie... The recipe I make I received from Marilyn Bowers.... back in the early 80's. This recipe makes a ton of soft chewy delicious cookies.... a true classic.

Soft Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
From the Kitchen of : Marilyn Bowers

2 Cups Salad oil
1 1/2 Cups white sugar
1 1/2 Cups light brown sugar
4 Eggs (one at a time)
2 tsp Vanilla
3 Cups All purpose flour
2 tsp baking soda
2 tsp salt
4 Cups Quick Oats
1 12 oz Pky of chocolate chips
1 1/2 Cups chopped nuts (optional)

Put oil in vary large bowl, and add sugars. Mix well. Add in eggs one at a time, add vanilla and blend well. Sift flour, soda and salt together in separate bowl. Add to wet mixture slowly and mix until well blended. Add oats and mix well, stir in chocolate chips and nuts. Drop by spoon fulls on to greased cookie sheets. bake at 375* for 8-10 minutes.

Frankie Card

I saw this Frankenstein Card on a blog... I fell in love with him. CLICK HERE to see paper one... I am still going to make a paper one... but this morning I woke up and thought..... hmmm I could make a digi Frankie... so I did... I think he turned out rather cute!!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Creativity Outlet...this week

I have not had the time to use my pretty papers or my Cricut to make a card or a even a small box......but I have had the opportunity to use my camera and photoshop to create a high school graduation announcement. And I also had the opportunity to take some engagement shots of some love birds..... I was worried about the engagement shots as I was exhausted from being at the hospital with my daughter... you'll have to go to my life blog to read all about it...

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Miss Being Creative!!

I sooooo............... miss playing and cutting and gluing... I have lots of ideas rumbling around in my head. BUT, I have several projects I HAVE to get done BEFORE I can play!!
1. Tory's Graduation Announcements (MAILED)
2. Senior Class Video ready for baccalaureate
3. Alisha's Engagement shots done and ready for proofing

I think that is all I have on my list this week!!
Meg in MO

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Life's A Beach ~ Card

For this card I just felt creative. My daughter has asked me to make a foot card. She was giving gift cards for pedicures and wanted a foot card to go with them. I used my Cricut to cut out the shapes. The foot is from New Arrival and the flop flop was created using shapes from George. For example the thong on the flip flop is the letter "Y" from George just upside down!! I really enjoyed making this card.
Thanks for Looking.... Meg in MO

Cupcake Box ~ CAKE!!

Oh to have your cake and to eat it too!! I have been wanting to make one of these cupcake boxes... so I did!! I had so much fun... the .cut file was created by a Cricut Message Board Member "Okie".... you will have to visit her BLOG to get the file....
Thanks for looking!!
Meg in MO

A baby Girl - Dress Invitation

Another shower Invitation.... these are for the family baby shower for Tory and Abby.... Today I made 50 of them and still have not even started on my list of invitees... They are very simple to make. Supplies: Card Stock, Pattern Paper, Eyelets, Ribbon, Glue stick and of course the Cricut personal electronic cutter. (SORRY Mediafire deleted all my files and I can not find my copy on my computer... )Enjoy!!!....Meg in MO

Special Delivery - Baby Girl Shower Invitation

I was blog surfing and found this cute onesie card by Lauren Meader. I had to scrap lift!! Lauren has directions on her blog... but I needed to make 25-30 for my dd's shower invites... so I created a .cut file using George. After emailing the original designer Lauren Meader, she gave me her blessing to share the .cut file.... Yipee!! If you want the same stamp I used the rubber stamp is from Lizzie Anne Designs. I have to say that the customer service at Lizzie Anne Designs was FANTASTIC and that Lauren is very sweet and very talented!! Please go and visit her blog she has some amazing work there!!
NON-Cricut Onesie Directions - CLICK HERE
To purchase Rubber Stamp-Lizzie Anne Designs - CLICK HERE
Thanks for looking!!
Meg in MO


March is shamrock time. I request was made for a shamrock, from one of my email groups. So with 100 other things I should be doing, I sat down and creted a shamrock. With O'bit of the Irish luck on my side... I'll get everyhting done I need to today!!
Cartridge Used: George Click here to download .cut file
Have a very good day!! Meg in MO

Flower Baby Mini Bag

Yesterday I was on Martha Stewart's web site, she had templates for these cute mini bags. Her bags were printables. Ready to print out with her designs on them.... Well her taste and my taste aren't always are the same, especially when it comes to graphic arts. So this morning I used her template as a starting point and re-created it in Illustrator. I then used clip art from PCcrafter and made the bag my own!!
I printed out some of my papers to coordinate my "flower baby" with my "mini bag". I used Pccrafters Debbie Crabtree - Welcome Spring Creatable. I hand cut out the butterfly and folded the wings and just glued the body to the bag, to give it a 2D dimensional look.
Click HERE to download Meg's Mini Bag Template (Non Cricut)
Click Here to download Flower Baby!!
Cricut cartridges used: George
Enjoy! Meg in MO

Flower Baby

Can't you just picture of garden of these cute little flowers!! I have had so much fun with this one!! Babies...babies everywhere!!
Cartridge used: George
Click HERE for download link!!

Triangle Treat Box

This box measures approx 2" x 3". Super easy to make. Score the folding lines with a stylus or bone folder. Fold...glue... fill...add ribbon... and give away!! These are awesome for weddings or showers.
Click HERE to download file!

Baby Girl

I was inspired to create this baby girl after seeing some graphics from Tammy Matta's site. I have my first grandchild due in June... and it's a girl!! daughter wants me to create the shower invitations. That is my motivation.... I have not cut this file so if there are problems please let me know ASAP!!

Here is the link to the file...BABY GIRL

Enjoy! Meg in MO

Mr. Skully - Skull and Crossbones

I saw that a member of the Cricut Community was looking for a Skull and Cross bones, and made a challenge for someone to make one!! I need practice with the program Design Studio so I took the challenge. I created this last night and this morning the program crashed and I lost the whole thing.... I had even saved it many many times while making it! I think leaving the program open all night is where the problem began. I sat down today and watched a movie and remade him!! I hope you like my Mr. Skully!!
Click HERE for the link to download!!