Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yesterday being stuck at my group home, with no place to go and nothing to do...because of the ice storm staff could not relieve me... I got my client all warm and toasty.. and content taking a nap and I set off to work...
I am an avid blogger and blog hopper...probably more blog hopper than blogger... but I always love to look at all the creative backgrounds on the blogs... the really cute once usually come from one certain website... Well I started thinking what if I used Aimee Asher clip art... I could have the cutest blog on the block!!
So I sat here and did my research... the html code I needed and the size of the images and such... I created sized or recolored and re posted until I got it just right!! And I did it!!

I love the new look of my creative blog... what do you think?

Meg in MO

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Jeff & Nicole said...

I LOOOOOVE it! So cute. I am seriously impressed. reading html is so hard. (at least for me) Way to go! I miss you. ARe you surprising us for christmas and coming out here. haha. i wish. have fun wherever you go. (seeing Curtis and Stef??)
love you tons and tons