Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I Miss Being Creative!!

I sooooo............... miss playing and cutting and gluing... I have lots of ideas rumbling around in my head. BUT, I have several projects I HAVE to get done BEFORE I can play!!
1. Tory's Graduation Announcements (MAILED)
2. Senior Class Video ready for baccalaureate
3. Alisha's Engagement shots done and ready for proofing

I think that is all I have on my list this week!!
Meg in MO


Linda said...

Hi:) I found you through Camillaq's blogg just now. And took a peek in yours just to look. hope you dont mind :)
And I just have to say; wow! Love the cards you make. especially the beach card!
thanx for the look :)
(and if you by any chance, want to hav a look in mine you find me at; (or just click at my name ;) )

Linda, Norway

Elizabeth said...

I miss your creative works too :(
Hope life is well!